Kylie Stephens has been entertaining crowds for over 25 years. Her voice and piano playing is captivating and her warm smile and fun-loving personality brings the crowd together ,as she belts out hit after hit of the best sing-a-longs to date.

Kylie had recently, held the residency of one of Sydney’s oldest piano bars, at the iconic Menzies Sydney Hotel for over 18 years until its doors finally closed in 2016.

She now performs in the cool yet vibrant JD's BAR AND GRILL CRONULLA, filling the low lit bar with energy and great vibes.

Her audiences are charmed by how she makes everyone in the room feel so welcome, by playing their favourite requests and encouraging them to sing-a-long.

Kylie is a true entertainer in every sense of the word and has earned herself the title of the PIANO CHICK!!





From an early age it was clear that Kylie had a love for music.  It all began at age 4 when her parents introduced her to her first instrument - a small keyboard.
From that moment on, her passion for playing the piano was born and she began her first lesson with the keyboard in a garage in Sydney’s Southern Suburbs.
Kylie soon progressed to the piano and began performing family “mini concerts” with her sister who also possessed a talent for music.

It was during this time that Kylie developed her singing abilities and wanted to begin a career as a professional piano vocalist.
It wasn’t until age 20 that she began entering talent quests on a regular basis to try and get some experience playing to live audiences.
During this time she was studying a bachelor of teaching degree at university,(everyone needs a back up plan)!!

Her first performance brought her success winning the quest with a Wendy Mathews song “The Day You Went Away”.
After competing in almost another fifty talent shows, Kylie finally landed her first paying gig, performing on the Sydney showboat cruises.
She was then contracted to play overseas for a major hotel.

After returning to Sydney she began work as a school teacher for a short time before realising her dream of performing professionally.
Kylie started playing full time in and around Sydney at some of Sydney’s best live music venues and piano bars.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported me 'All These Years'.


Since COVID however, the live music industry almost came to a grinding halt.  It is during this time that Kylie started focussing more on her first passion - teaching.  She has many students of all ages enjoying learning piano from her home studio.

The love of music will always be there - just in a different form!

Kylie x


Kylie Stephens is a singer songwriter from Sydney Australia. Kylie is a rare talent having held

Residency in one of Sydney’s oldest piano bars…The Menzies Hotel…. for seventeen years…

Her versatility and infectious warmth have kept audiences returning in large numbers on a weekly basis year after year. This in itself is testament to her popularity amongst her strong support base.

She is a true entertainer in every sense of the word and keeps her audiences captivated and involved in every performance.

Kylie released her self funded debut album titled “All These Years” in 2010 which includes a great mix of original music as well as covers of some of her most admired artists.

She received positive reviews along with accolades from the Australian Songwriters Association praising her for outstanding song writing for her original song “I Can Live”.

In 2012 she released her second album “Live @ The Basement”... Recorded at The Basement night

Club in Sydney. From this album her song “Trust Me” gained her a nomination for the prestigious

Rudy Brandsma Award in recognition of song writing excellence.

Kylie’s 2013 Self Titled EP release also brought her excellent reviews with the song “If I had wings”

Short listed for an award with the ASA.

Most recently Kylie appeared on the smash hit television series “The Voice” season 3 where she received favourable praise from the coaches for her performance in the “Blind Auditions”.